Freemium Games for Mobile Is Booming at the Moment

The cell phone has replaced the portable game console and it’s Freemium model is most successful

The cell phone has become our favorite mobile slot machine. We do not see many Nintendo DS on the street anymore. Neither their cousins from Sony and other manufacturers. Our smartphones have simply been so powerful that it will soon no longer makes sense by designing dedicated slots to take with it outside the home.

Games on the cell phone has also opened up completely new groups of people who play on the go. Where the former most were children and teenagers, who sat with his head in a game along the way in the bus or the train, one can today look just as many retirees play WordFeud or Candy Crush-and, of course, all other age groups in between. Mobile games have become national heroines.

In this article we will take a closer look at freemium wave in mobile games. We will, among other things. looking at apps from Pokerstars, on Candy Crush, Bubble Witch, Wordfeud.

Summer stands for door-remember to download games for the trip

The summer holidays are in charge of the door. Most Danes are heading on vacation, or do it within the next 3-4 weeks. Someone going on a package holiday with flights, while others prefer a overnight.

Do you have children, you want to include on your trip, so you know well the challenge of finding activities that can keep them engaged on the long road trip through Europe, or during the long wait at the airport and on the plane. Here are the games on the cell phone brilliant. They are free, easy to install and there are myriads of them regardless of whether you have iPhone, Android or a different model.

Remember to download the games to your phone at home, where you have WiFi and not end up risking having to use expensive roaming data. So it is no longer a freemium.


What is freemium game?

Freemium model is so popular today that more than 70% of the 10 billion dollars (67 billion Danish kroner), which earned each year on apps for iOS comes from freemium-buy. It is big business and there is a reason for it.

Where one before having to pay for a download and install a games are freemium games free, both to install and to play. Thus giving you a great value for users: free games! The many billions comes from the so-called “in-game purchases”. It’s extra features in the game, as you can choose to buy, if you want. It can be extra life, clues, bonus-tools or as in the Wordfeuds case: the ability to opt out of advertising.

By not forcing players to pay for the experience you create so much goodwill that many actually end up using money in the game anyway. It will not be forced to, but even can choose to appeal much to the players. It is this that makes the freemium model so ingeniously conceived.

Freemium arising out of an old idea, namely the so-called shareware, which dates back to the first computer programs. Here you could download limited version of games and other software that was free to use. Freemium, it takes just one step further, in that you do not get limited versions, but fully working games and apps.

The most popular freemium games

There are thousands of funny and exciting freemium games on both the App Store and Google Play.Whether you’re into action, strategy or Word and number games, so there is plenty to start with.

Among the most popular are Scrabble game Wordfeud, who years ago took the world by storm and made its Norwegian creates rich-again despite the fact that he offered a free game. Despite his age played Wordfeud still today on a large scale, and it has made the game so popular is certainly the social element, where you can play against both friends and unknown players. With the built-in chat feature can you tease each other and also learn new people to know. There are even couples who have met each other through the game and have been married.

Wordfeud app can be downloaded here

Other popular mobile games are the games from the manufacturer King. It is games such as Candy Crush and Bubble Witch that is sleekly designed games, where it basically applies to place colorful elements of real patterns in order to proceed to the next level. There are hundreds of levels in each game, and one is never really finished with these games.

Poker on your mobile-fun, exciting and safe

A completely different type of game, there will be more and more popular on mobile devices is poker. All the great and trustworthy poker sites have an app where you can play the classic card game. Both free for “play money” and with real money, if you listen to the gambler type.

Playing poker online is for the vast majority of Danes are a fun and exciting recreational pleasure, which in most cases does not result in any sort of risk-in other words, in addition to losing the money rates. One should look at poker in the same way as when you odds’er: It is entertainment, and we must never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Choose the right place to play on!

Select a known and credible poker site to play at!
There are thousands of poker sites all over the world and there will be new to virtually every day. All seems tempting and beckoning with bonuses and bargains. Here it is important that you choose with reason and not impulsively. With the more sinister ones in the best case, you risk that you don’t get your winnings paid and, in the worst case, it is not at all real poker sites, but only facades of IT crooks.

A good example of a poker site that is to rely on Pokerstars, who besides being the world’s largest is also regulated by the Danish Gaming authorities.

Actually take the PokerStars security so seriously that they have 80 people employed, just to take care of the safety of their players. The vast majority of these are experienced poker players who are trained to spot and identify cheating and fraud. Together with state of the art software that can recognize abnormal playing patterns, they constitute a safe guard against losing his money dishonestly.