Denon Envaya Mini: Take Your Music with You Wherever You Go [Test]

Review: Denon Envaya impressed in its test. Now the question is just whether little brother Denon Envaya Mini can do the art for.

It is no more than a couple of weeks ago that we here at our site Envaya with a Denon tested crisp design and velsonderede sound struck his legs out from under us.

This time we test the somewhat smaller version of the same series, which also named, Envaya Mini, makes it clear that this is an extremely lightweight and portable speaker. 

With a price, there are currently only 200 dollars cheaper than its larger version, the question is, however, whether a narrower and more outdoor-friendly version of the Envaya really is worth the price.


Labert design once again

Envaya Mini memories on many points about his big brother, and with its white front grille and orange-coloured backdrop, so is the design concept almost identical.

However, this time you have no possibility to replace the bagvedsiddende substance, and therefore must make do with a orange color respectively for the white version and blue color for the black model.

In addition, different Envaya Mini part by its shape and format. Among other things, the white grid now runs all the way around the speaker and gives an idea of a 360-degree lydvinkel.

Is this time to find buttons at each end of the speaker, which has also been made room for a “battery button” with a corresponding LED lights, which at a single press of the button indicates the battery level.

The sound doesn’t disappoint

Denon to add their products really understand what really counts, namely a fantastic good sound quality.Once again, they have managed to get an undue heavy sound out of their speaker, and it is even in spite of relatively small size Envaya Minis.

Envaya Mini makes both using Bluetooth 4.0 and an AUX-input with aptX-technology as the coupling options. There is also this time additional options, if your device is in possession of an NFC chip, which makes it able to easily and quickly connect to the receiver.

Inside the nucleus of the apparatus is hiding two 40 mm full-range drivers with a passive unit at 40x82mm, which contributes to both the strong and deep sound with a good balance between raw bass and the clean clear sound.

Although the rounded design of the Envaya Mini gives an indication about a 360-degree sound experience, so it is not quite the truth. To find out quickly that the optimum yield of sound is to find at the front, as with most other loudspeakers of the same kind.

But all in all, delivers Envaya Mini an incredibly good sound, and there is almost nothing to put a finger on when it comes to this part.

Specifications Denon Envaya Mini

Size: 21.0 x 5.4 x 5.1 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg.
Audio: Two 40 mm full-range drivers and a passive device on 40 x 82 mm
Battery: Denon promise up to 10 hours of playback
Colors: White with orange Interior and black with blue Interior
Supported devices: Miscellaneous smarthpones, tablets and computers, using either bluetooth or AUX port
Coupling options: Bluetooth 4.0 and AUX-input with aptX-technology
Price: 899 SEK

Even better on the go

In the notification of the great Envaya-speaker was its ability to be able to be around, indoors as well as outdoors, so appreciated. But with this ability will be taken to the Envaya Mini brand new heights.

It to the both fills and weighs less than its big brother, does, of course, the receiver is easier and more convenient to carry along on the road. But size isn’t the only factor in this equation.

Envaya Mini can boast of a water-repellent surface, which means that you can take it to the pool without being concerned about smoking water in addition to the little gem. However, there is no question of a decidedly underwater speaker, but rather an assurance that the party does not stop just because there will be spilled a drink or two.

As a little extra feature to the already very premium-feeling is a little velvet bag that comes with the receiver. This little pouch is perfect for storing your music player in, and then snuggle down in your backpack or suitcase.


Good on the go, but don’t keep all day

So far, the experience in the use of Envaya Mini seemed positive, but when it comes to the life of the battery, then hold it no longer.

Denon promise, as with the larger version, a 10-hour life of the speaker, and where this more than fit on the large version, so it is far from the same thing with Mini.

In several days of use, with different volume levels fluctuating between minimum and maximum, I couldn’t get it to keep for more than 7 hours at a time. Even if it’s good enough only takes 2 to 3 hours to let it back up, so it’s not quite right.

Big brother vs. little brother

Overall, so this is a very simple and efficient loudspeaker, as neither the drawers on the audio or design. It is simple and straightforward to operate and is perfect to have in the bag when the music must be taken out of the home.

That being said, so living Envaya Mini not up to the promised battery life, which already is a bit less than its competitors ‘. So it may well be that 7 hours of service life is plenty for anyone, but in relation to the promised time, yes it is not durable.

Next comes the, at that time, substantial discussion about the price of the two loudspeakers in Envaya series. Right now, the major speaker for Envaya be purchased for 1099 kroner, while the Mini stands for 899 kronor. With such a small difference, so I would say that just as well could sacrifice the 200 pounds more and get an even better and more powerful sound, which at the same time also keeps longer.

But there must be no doubt that Envaya Mini really is one of the best sounding speakers in his weight class, and i’ve really enjoyed the testing period to use it.

We therefore on lands 5 out of 6 possible stars for Denon Envaya Mini, only pulled down battery life and price compared to its big brother.