Comparative Rates for Private Voice with All Operators (II): Rates Per Minute

To complete the first part of the comparison of rates of voice with all national operators It focused on the familiar “flat rates”, now we are going to review the traditional methods of rate per minute for those who prefer not to predict their consumption with packaged offerings (and usually tend to consume less than 30 euros per month).

The comparison is divided into a table with the rates with a single price to any operator and another table with those that also include calls to 0 cents between customers of the same operator. In addition are ordered starting with tariff with price per minute lower, indicates the coverage of support to operate the OMVs and Telstra (which also has their own) and specify what rates They allow the grant of phones with permanence (one of the main reasons that the price per minute is more expensive).

Some clarifications

  • These rates they do not include taxes.
  • Difference between fee and minimum consumption: with the minimum consumption you only pay what you eat (although if you don’t eat, you will have to pay minimum) while with share pay what you consume + share.
  • To view detailed information about each rate in particular, clicking on the name of the tariff, you will connect with the official website.
  • It is important to note that some operators low cost may provide the same services that the fees traditional Movistar, Vodafone and Orange such as:
  • Grant from mobile phones or facilities to renew them.
  • Nearby stores where to make duplicates of sim among other efforts.
  • Service of missed calls when the phone is turned off.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Possibility to recharge prepaid cards are.
  • Other services such as email in real time (mainly Blackberry), telephony, TV on mobile, SMS premium, inability to call numbers nine hundred, roaming, set limits of consumption invoice, services of dual sim (2 numbers in a sim or 2 sim with the same number) services without balance in prepaid, punctual promotions, etc..