Comparative Rates for Private Voice with All Operators (I): Flat Rates

We are back with a new update of our comparison of rates so that particular contract customers can choose best after the avalanche of offers that reach us at Christmas. As main novelty, the new comparative already they do not differentiate between operators traditional and operators low cost so it will be easier to choose your best rate.

Today we focus on bonds or packaged rates (also known as flat rates) that are distinguished by no call set-up charge within minutes of each rate bonus and also can include also SMS or browsing Internet. This type of rates you control the monthly expenditure provided that you do not exceed its limits, that there are for almost everyone.

The comparison is divided into a table for which above all call evenings and another for those needing to talk 24 hours a day. Is also ranked according to the monthly from the lowest to the highest, the included minutes are valid to talk to any national destination and now specify what rates allow the phones with permanency grant.

Among the traditional operators rates highlight that Movistar It differs by begin 1 hour before the half day (free time whacked) and offering a rate 24 hours from 19.90 euros (whacked no timetable) with 30 euros of Vodafone and Orange. Of Vodafone They include VIP numbers 24 hours without limit of minutes and included in their rates with data roaming. Orange It can be noted for having prices somewhat lower fares with afternoon but instead it does not usually include full weekends. In addition Orange apply a second speed reduction to 64 Kbps in case of doubling their rates with data traffic.

To complete this comparison, in the second part we compare traditional rates with price per minute for those who consume less than 30 euros/month.

Some clarifications

  • These rates they do not include taxes and they are only available in form of contract.
  • There are other similar fees not included in the comparison as I want to flat for prepayments of Orange, Leon 25 of Orange for those who prefer to speak for mornings or whacked Movistar which only includes walking destinations Movistar.
  • Discounts on other services. Users of a rate flat at Vodafone have access to discounts on ADSL, Internet with you and Vodafone at home while the Orange also have discounts on ADSL.
  • If any of the limits, applies a price per minute of 19.9 cents at Vodafone, 19 cents in Euskaltel and R, 18 cents in Movistar, Telecable and Orange (except basic which are 9 cents), 12 cents in mobile 40, 10 cents in Jazztel and Bankinter, 8 cents in ONO or 6 cents at Eroski (more establishment of 15 cents in any case).
  • These fares may have other limits Apart from the maximum of minutes included. Specifically Movistar also limits the number maximum monthly calling will be the same as the number of minutes included in every room rate (for example, maximum 300 minutes or 300 calls) except with Idirizzi journals. Orange in turn limited their flat rates to a maximum of 75 100 different destinations each month (since December 6, 2010). Vodafone does not have any other limit.