Apple Recovered Market Share in Japan, Australia and Spain Thanks to Sales of The IPhone 5S

Market share is the figure that all manufacturers look askance. No matter the amount of devices that sell if not the amount you are selling with regard to what your immediate competitor has sold. In his keynote Apple always provides us with data of this quota and in the first quarter of 2014 has more data to teach since It has increased its market share in mobile devices.

This increase in sales has been thanks to areas such as Japan, Australia and Europe in which the market share rose to the 57.6%, 33.1% and 19.2% respectively, being these data a rise of 8.6% in Japan, 2% in Australia, and 0.1% in the European continent, Spain is the European country with the largest rise (4.5%). Blame for this rise has been mainly the iPhone 5S, which has had a great performance in terms of sales referred to in.

But not everything was going to be good news for Apple in this first quarter of 2014 already in United States during the months of January and March share fell to 35.9% (one 7.9% less than the same date of last year), showing that Americans buy more at end of year (by Thanksgiving and Christmas mostly) that early.

Are these good news for Apple? Yes and no. On the one hand, the increase in market share is always positive, but if we see the global data of the study of Kantar Wordpanel we realize that Android is still the operating system most commonly used in all countries except Japan, a fact that Apple should attack sooner or later if you don’t want to sit in the queue.