Apple Introduces Its Future Campus in a Video That Rescues The Voice of Steve Jobs

“I think we have the opportunity to build the best office building of the world” – Steve Jobs

And is that who better than himself co-founder of Apple to enter the video presentation of the future company offices in Cupertino, the Campus 2 Apple, the mother ship, the “new home for innovation and creativity” of the Apple, and the latest obsession of Steve before his death means two and a half years already.

The video is part of the new website on environmental liability and next to the spot advertising “Better” narrated by Tim Cook are the shape that has the company join the earth day to demonstrate its commitment on the protection of the planet.

Like everything we build, our new Apple Cupertino campus pushes the limits of technology, and will be the energy efficient building of its kind. Powered by 100% renewable energy sources, campus goes beyond showing respect for the environment to form an alliance with him. The air flows freely between the interior and the exterior of the building providing a natural ventilation during 75% of the year. And the sunlight is captured by one of largest solar installations a privately world.
The building itself is only part of the story. About 80% of the land is green space populated by more than 7000 trees including more than 6,000 newly planted fruit and forest trees. Plants suitable for dry climates that shall be provided throughout the landscape to minimize the use of water will also be utilized.
Get in and out of the new campus also will be greener. We are expanding our program of alternatives to regular travel by 20%. This means that more than one-third of about 15,000 employees in Cupertino will reach the new campus using buses of biofuel, public transport, bicycles, carpools and their feet. And for drivers, we will have more than 300 stations for electric vehicles.
The new campus is being built from scratch to meet the highest environmental standards set by LEED, an internationally recognized green building rating system. When completed, Apple Campus 2 is an ever-present reminder of our commitment to sustainability and an example of what every corporate campus may be.