Apple Accounts for 92% of Profits in the Mobile Industry

Apple says only 20% of smartphone sales in 1. quarter 2015, but can still heave nothing less than 92% of the profits from mobile home industry.

It’s no surprise that Apple understands how to translate for large sums of money with the many coveted iPhones.

It should be stressed now in a report from the financial firm Canaccord Genuity brought by the Wall Street Journal, how it sounds, that Apple manages to scrape all the 92% of the turnover in own pockets in the 1. quarter 2015 It should be seen in light of the fact that Apple only stands for a sale of 20% of all smartphones in this period.

At the same time, there are whole 1,000 different manufacturers in the running for getting a little slice of the cake when it comes to turnover and market shares. Nevertheless, the Apple one to stand for nearly all of the surplus.

The high figures are a big increase compared to the year before, in which Apple “only” accounted for 65% of the market’s profits. It is still mind-boggling in high in relation to the nearest competitor, which is Korea’s Samsung. This year Samsung stands for 15% of profits.

Apple and Samsung can be gathered more than 100% of the profits, because more of the other manufacturers ended up with a deficit, according to calculations from Canancord.

The reason for the high profits from Apple due to the appropriate high prices, as Apple can take for its iPhones. The average price for an iPhone is located at 4,400 crowns and has risen by over 200 crowns since last year while sales have increased 43% at the same time. For comparison, the average price of an Android device according to company only at 1,235 crowns.

“Apple’s dominance is something that is very difficult to overcome. Apple must commit a faux pas in one way or another, and I don’t think it’s going to happen, “ says former Technical Director of the largest u.s. telecommunications company, Verizon.